Sir John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland was fonted by bobistheowl for Metaphase Brothel Graphix, October, 2007.

In 1865, Tenniel, (1820-1914), illustrated the first edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland*. The first print run of 2,000 was shelved because Tenniel had objections over the print quality; a new edition, released in December of the same year but carrying an 1866 date, was quickly printed and became an instant best-seller, securing Tenniel's immortality in the process.

*(Although commonly known by this title, the book is properly named Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

Sir John Tenniel's illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are considered to be his finest and most enduring achievement. They must also rank among the world's best-known children's images.

The Dalziel brothers were commissioned to engrave the boxwood blocks on which Tenniel had made his drawings. The engravers advised Lewis Carroll that the engraved blocks should not be used for printing the illustrations in the books but instead they would act as the masters from which electrotype copies would be made. It was from these electrotypes that all the illustrations in the Alice books were printed with a resultant loss of definition.

The images used in this font are in the Public Domain. This font is freeware. You may do anything you want with it, except claim the fonting as your own work.

Alice in Wonderland was created using MS Paint and ScanFont 3.13.

This font can be embedded in Microsoft© Word Documents by Selecting Tools from the Menu Bar, selecting Options... from the Tools options, and checking the 'Embed True Type Fonts' box in the Save tab. If the font is embedded, however, it will make the document quite large, (more than 800 kb, if all character glyphs are used).

If you embed the font, however, do not uninstall it, as it will corrupt the font itself, and all documents in which it is embedded. If you run into this problem, (as I did!), delete the documents in which the font is embedded, delete the font itself, (and any copies of the font on your computer), then download and install the font again. It might be a good idea to restart the computer before downloading the font again; that's what I did.

This is my seventh font, and it holds the unofficial record of largest file size for any font without an upper case character range. I would like to have made the glyphs even bigger, but it appears that, in ScanFont, the upper limit for font size is 2 MB. This one clocks in at 1.96 MB. I was able to create this font as a .ttf file in Scanfont at 2.04 MB, but it arbitrarily deleted the glyph for the single quotation mark.

There are 43 character glyphs in this font. All glyphs can be generated from the keyboard keys in lower case. The sequence of illustrations is as follows:


All original images used were 280 pixels in height, (about 2.92 inches, or 7.4 centimeters), with variable widths of 280 pixels or less. The images were saved as monochrome bitmaps, then re-encoded in TIFF format before imported them into the font, (the TIFF images were equal in quality to the monochrome bitmaps, but slightly compressed, which allowed for all 43 images to be generated in the font). The closeup of the Cheshire Cat, edited from the w glyph, was substituted for an irregularly shaped illustration that was quite similar to the glyph for letter a.

If you like this font, please let me know. If you make any cool documents with it, please consider sending me a copy, or the url where your work is located, at: If requested, you will be added to the e-mailing list for future Metaphase Brothel Graphix font releases.

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Special thanks is given to Luc Devroye, for his continuing support, and his assistance in making this font happen.