Basehead Regular 2.0
Created By TeA Calcium 1997.
(C) Copyright TeA Calcium, All rights reserved

I Created this font for My Zine Xandu, and because
I'm the nice guy that I am, Im giving It to You
For Free.. For Free You Say, Yep Free. If you
want to be really nice you can send your comments,
or criticism of this Typeface, because well i'd
like to know what you think.

Send me something fun for this type and well call
it even... and maybe youll get a catalog with
stickers and something fun too..

OK, well Thats that, if you would like a copy of
the e-zine Xandu, just send your mailing address
to along with the type of puter
your using (Windows, Macintosh, etc) and i'll send
it to you on a disk in the mail. ok thats that.


Suck it...

Xone Zero

thats x as in zebra    2rN RO LN^NuNV H .. basehead.txt TEXTttxt TEXTttxt G LgJ g/. //. N O L N^NuNV H.. ,. (n  І܀Jf//9jN R* (SP`(S|   , f ,  f| 
`|         2 h(n  2 styl