Once again, Kiwi Media presents another font...


A font for the living impaired.

This font was spawned by a long weekend, too many Bauhaus albums, an issue of Permission magazine, and an NNTP connection to alt.gothic. It was fun to do. I hope it conveys that brooding sort of 1920's silent horror film feel.

Hopefully soon I'll be releasing other versions in this family, including Nosferatu oblique, Nosferatu condensed, and maybe even Nosferatu black.

And here comes the desperate plea for cash...

Since I put a heckuva lot of work into this thing (full character set!) I'll kindly ask for a donation of $10 for this thing. Since my address changes everytime I get a new lease (renting in a college town sucks, I tell you!) email me for my latest snailmail address at wonko@itis.com.

If you're a poor starving college student, well, I'm willing to forgo the shareware fee. I remember what those days were like. I'll accept email, fame, fortune, international acclaim, and the like instead of cash.

URL Time!

If you wish to check out my other fonts, they're viewable online at http://www.itis.com/kiwi/wonkofonts.html.

If you're interested in contracting me for custom type design, web design, or digital media consulting, the URL for that is http://www.itis.com/~wonko/kiwi/

If for some odd reason you're interested in me as a human being, most relevant data can be found at http://www.itis.com/~wonko/. If you're interested in what I do for fun, it's www.itis.com/~wonko/nulldev/.

If you're a Peter Murphy fan, there's http://www.itis.com/murphy/

Nosferatu is copyright 1996 by Eric Oehler